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The Actor’s Toolkit is the brainchild of creative friends Wendy Bollard and Suzanne Bastien. These two women have taken their love and respect for actors and created a place where actors can get the specific tools that they need to pursue the career of their dreams. 

Suzanne and Wendy understand the challenges that actors face not only in their craft but also in their mindset and  mental health. 


Suzanne has been successfully mentoring film and tv actors for the past 15 years at her popular studio, At The Creative Space. She has clients in Hollywood, NYC, Toronto, and Vancouver. 


Wendy teaches acting internationally and has a thriving coaching practice where she uses her counselling and life coach training to help actors get their head and hearts into a place where they can take massive action. 


Together they have created a company that offers a unique service for actors. A company that provides all the tools an actor needs to pursue their dreams.


Their first exciting program How To Get An Agent launches in February.

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Wendy, holds a Masters degree in directing and a certification in addictions counseling and life coaching. Internationally Wendy has performed and studied in the US, UK, Ireland, Bali, Italy and Canada. She created her own theatre company where she directed & produced over 30 productions. She has assisted at RADA (UK), Improbable (UK), Bard on the Beach (Canada) Arts Club (Canada) and taught acting at ICMT(London, Rome, Belfast & NYC) and VanArts (Canada). When she isn't directing, creating, or teaching Wendy is using her training as an addictions counselor and life coach to help actors to overcome any mind drama that is holding them back.

"I have spent my whole life studying human behaviour. My passion for finding out what makes people tick is what originally drew me to acting. Throughout my years teaching, directing and coaching I have come across the same thing time and time again. Talented, well trained actors with big dreams who were stuck in how to move forward. I love helping these actors. I have the tools and the experience that can take them from spinning in confusion to  going after the career of their dreams."


Wendy’s combination of training & experience is what makes her a coach in high demand.

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Suzanne has over 25 years in the acting industry and over 15 years coaching and mentoring actors to their success. With clients in Toronto, Vancouver, Los Angeles and New York enjoying successful careers, Suzanne continues to teach and mentor new actors just out of film school and seasoned actors performing in T.V. Film and online. She runs her acting studio from Toronto, ON.


"I started my own acting career in Canada and was blessed to play in over 80 productions from commercial work to feature films, indies, and TV. I've worked with some of the most reputable acting coaches and I learned a lot from them but, I felt I needed someone to guide me as a professional in the business.  A mentor who could guide my steps, not only creatively but professionally. I felt at the time this kind of support was greatly lacking in the business. It's one of the reasons I decided to run my own studio. I wanted to be the kind of acting coach and mentor I needed when I began in the business. I also longed for a mentor that could journey with me throughout my career. And that has always the motivation for what I do."


​Suzanne's expertise is sought after by agents, casting directors, and actors at all levels of their career.




How to get an agent and create thought habits for a sustainable career is an amazing program.


It takes you through all the steps you need to get an agent and teaches you how to stop procrastinating and start moving forward on the career of your dreams!



Chilton Crane

Head of Acting - VanArts

"Wendy is a creative force, she is everything you look for in an instructor. Creative, open, compassionate, disciplined and eager to listen and give voice to each student’s individual story and strengths.
She is in demand all over the world so if you have the opportunity to study with her? Don’t hesitate! Do it!”


Nolan Gerrard Funk

The Flight Attendant, Counterpart, Truth or Dare, Major Crimes, Dear White People

"Suzanne has valuable input on every step of any career. She is always focussed towards making unique discoveries that put you in the lead."


Kenneth Avery-Clark

 ICMT Principal
Original Cast - The Producers, Ragtime, The Drowsy Chaperone, Sweet Charity - London's West End)

“Wendy has been part of our visiting faculty at our London, Belfast, NYC & Rome locations.

The students love her and her approach to directing and pastoral care is top-notch.”


Melissa Roxburgh

Series Lead - Manifest

"Not only did Suzanne's training open my eyes to strong new approaches to scenes, but I always left more inspired and motivated than ever. So many doors have opened to me because of Suzanne."


Luvia Petersen

Continuum, The Murders, Ghost Wars, Riverdale

"Wendy is amazing! She gave me specific tools to help me navigate life. I strongly recommend her!"


Jennifer Coping

Supernatural, Bates Motel, Travelers

"Suzanne is one of the few people I've met in my 25 year career that can always key into the right part of me that will make my audition stand out and get me on the shortlist, if not booked." 

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